OAK ISLAND, NC (WWAY) — Oak Island is taking their beach patrol to the skies, saying its new drone program is the most efficient way to keep tabs on what’s taking place along the shore.

“We can see areas that the naked eye that’s on ground level would not necessarily be able to see right off hand,” communications manager Mike Emory said. “While the police may be at one area, or beach patrol at one area, the drone can be up in the sky, identify something in another area and help the beach patrol or even water rescue teams get to where they need to be.”

In addition to keeping beach-goers safe, the town is also attempting to use the program to keep people off the renourished dunes.

That’s something visitor Tim Whitson says he has noticed is an issue.

“We have seen people walking on the dunes,” Whitson said. “We actually saw them this weekend. I’m like ‘hey you jackaloons, get off the dunes’. They’re trying to preserve the beach…


Source: www.wwaytv3.com