More than 1,800 drones configuring smoothly into a revolving Planet Earth was one of the most talked-about parts of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Opening Ceremony. Fans expected to be wowed by even more drones at the Closing Ceremony today. And get wowed they did, but not by a drone light show. At display today was “made for TV” special effects magic.

Tokyo Olympics light show explained

Toward the end of the closing ceremony, the Olympic Stadium suddenly plunged into darkness. This dramatism was necessary for what was about to play out – the “Moving Forward” part of the ceremony.

Beautiful, dancing colors swirled together, representing the many colors of the world’s flags, melding together. And then, viewers saw individual lights rising up, meant to symbolize the passion, dedication, hopes, and dreams of each athlete who was on the field.

In the words of the organizers:

Together, these lights rise to form a luminous wave — representing the…