Flying drones to connect tugboats to ships they tow- DroneDJ

A Dutch company specializing in maritime vessel services has taken to the air in its effort to work faster and more safely at sea. In doing so, it has patented a system in which drones establish the physical connection between tugboats and the ships they’ll tow, reducing the dangers to humans when that is done manually at close proximity.

Patented technique will fly drones to connect tugboats to towed ships

Netherlands-based Kotug is a global leader in the maritime services sector. The company boasts many years of experience in operating tugboat fleets that tow large ships in and out of ports. Through that, it has gained insights into the potential perils posed by navigating its craft close enough to larger vessels they’ll be hauling so that messenger lines can be thrown by hand between them. In order to establish that link, tugboats must creep to within a few feet of towering ships, whose wake – not to mention surrounding sea conditions – can send their…