Drones, as you are likely aware, are tremendously useful in the world of Search and Rescue. There have been literally hundreds of cases reported globally, which DJI tracks here, where drones played a role in getting a human being out of a tough spot. Sadly, this story does not have a happy ending — but it’s still important: A drone deployed in the S&R efforts found the body of a missing tourist in Slovakia.

Think about it for a second. Where are people likely to go missing? Well, yes, sometimes it can be in a city. But the most protracted searches are often in locations difficult to search by foot or vehicle. Think dense forests, isolated or mountainous areas. These are the places where drones excel.

And, sometimes, it’s just about locating a deceased person and bringing closure to their loved ones. That’s what happened in this case.

Drone finds body of missing tourist in Slovakia

This story was flagged on Twitter by DJI’s Adam Lisberg. He’s a…


Source: dronedj.com