Colorado drone video reveals extent of damage in I-70 mudslide

A Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) drone has shot video revealing the massive scope of destruction by a mudslide to a section of the I-70 freeway west of Denver. Officials believe the stretch of roadway – a critical artery for Coloradans and entire the economy of the western US – may be kept closed for repairs for several weeks.

Massive mudslide that buried a vital western US roadway captured in drone video

The CDOT drone video was shot August 1, just hours after heavy rains produced flash flooding that sent an enormous mudslide down ravines and riverbeds surrounding the I-70. Tucked away in the 13,000-foot walls of  Glenwood Valley, the highway fell victim to a chain of factors detonated by record downpours that swept more than 10 feet of mud across a 15-mile stretch of the road. Flying up and into the valley’s steep walls, the drone also captured the long, boulder- and tree-choked path the slide followed before swamping the I-70,…