Drone video captures the severity of California’s drought

Frequent mention of even critical problems can cause them to blur into abstract notions in the human mind – a mental phenomenon often cured by perspective-restoring visual aids. That’s exactly what one drone pilot offered this week with his video laying bare just how grave California’s drought is.

Drone pilot’s arresting video of emptying reservoir amid California’s drought

The drone video was shot by Brandon Clement of Live Storms Media over sections of a reservoir severely emptied by California’s drought. Lake Oroville, the second-largest water reserve in the state, was filmed at an historic low level this week, with vast expanses of its shores and bottom usually hidden beneath the surface now exposed. Its volume has dropped so much that further evaporation is expected to halt operation of the reservoir’s hydroelectric power plant soon.

Revealed in Clement’s footage are steep slopes of Lake Oroville’s shores, marked by tiers and varying…