A common question that most potential drone pilots have is about the price, which makes sense, we need to know the drone prices so we can budget for our new flying machines. While it is important to learn how much drones cost, it’s just as important to understand that the best drone for you may cost less than you think.

Let’s explore what you get for your money, this is the reality of drone prices today. Exploring the market in mid 2021.

How much should drones cost?

As you explore a drone purchase, please first ask yourself what you need out of your flying machine. Don’t assume that a higher price tag makes for a better drone, I mean, it usually does, but only within a specific drone type. That is my goal for today, to ensure you buy the right drone type for your needs.

First time pilots and toys

First time pilots and practice drones – Under $100

To start things off, we always recommend you buy a very low-cost drone. It does not matter what your long-term…


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