Crowd surveillance drones learn to detect signs of trouble

Researchers in the Czech Republic have developed a way to make uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAV) more effective in monitoring large groups of people. To achieve that, scientists are making drones smarter by linking them to neural networks that detect when crowds under surveillance show signs indicating trouble.

Czech police drones in crowd surveillance taught to identify anomalies

The innovation comes from a partnership between the Brno University of Technology and Czech police, who have increasingly relied on drones in the surveillance of crowds. According to a report by Radio Prague International, the problem with UAVs in that role is their limited function as simple conduits of video to watching officials. By the time those images reveal fights, surges, panic, or other threats to safety, the danger they embody is already established and spreading. 

According to David Bažout, a graduate of Brno University’s Information and Technology school, “no one is…