amazon drone delivery

Source: Amazon PrimeAir

Even as Jeff Bezos touches ground after his recent space flight, Amazon’s drone delivery efforts on the British Isles could be heading for its own splashdown.

Wired is reporting Amazon Prime Air, the retail giant’s drone delivery arm, is laying off more than 100 employees in the UK and reshuffling dozens of job roles.

“Insiders claim the future of the UK operation, which launched in 2016 to help pioneer Amazon’s global drone delivery efforts, is now uncertain,” the report states.

Anonymous sources within the British Prime Air office told Wired the operation there was “collapsing inwards,” “dysfunctional” and represented “organized chaos” with managers in the division described as “detached from reality.”

While Amazon states the UK office is still functioning, it refused to release the number of current employees on the drone-delivery project.

Insiders tell Wired that Amazon Prime Air’s UK office has navigated choppy skies over…