Wingtra launches WingtraOne GEN II drone for city mapping

Switzerland-based VTOL drone manufacturer Wingtra has launched its next-generation flagship drone. The WingtraOne GEN II commercial mapping drone comes with an upgraded camera that is mounted at an oblique angle combined with a wide field-of-view lens to capture large swathes without requiring multiple passes.

Explaining that the aim was to make the PPK-integrated WingtraOne drone even more versatile, Maximilian Boosfeld, cofounder and CEO of Wingtra, says:

Next to our flagship 42MP Sony RX1, we’re including new, high-end mapping payloads. I’m especially excited to announce our oblique solution, which offers outstanding 3D mapping results. It’s the perfect choice for capturing infrastructure — from a single industrial plant to full-scale cities.

To that end, Wingtra has partnered with geospatial industry leaders Esri and Bentley Systems to enable image processing in the cloud. The company even mapped the city of Zurich before the launch of WingtraOne…