Pro golf crack Tony Finau’s chip shot dinks drone with a divot

That US pro golfer Tony Finau has really astonishing control while taking a shot will not come as much of a surprise. What may be bit less expected, by contrast, is discovering his incredible golfing touch extends beyond just sinking balls to chipping divots capable of taking out any drones hovering nearby.

Golf pro’s chipped divot crashes filming drone

Proof of Finau’s sod-as-ballistic artistry in downing the drone with a divot was presented on the golf champion’s Instagram page over the weekend. The PGA Tour winner of the 2016 Puerto Rico Open was attending an event organized by pest control company Aptive Environmental, where he eventually found himself in a tee box preparing to chip a shot with a short iron. His smooth stroke lifted the ball high and away towards the green, looping it smartly over a drone hovering about 10 yards in front filming him. That footage was abruptly interrupted, however, when the craft was sent plummeting to the ground by…