Lilium sells $1 billion in eTVOL planes in partnership with Azul

German electric take-off and landing (eTVOL) craft manufacturer Lilium has announced an expansion of its global advanced air mobility activities (AAM) to Brazil through a partnership with local airline Azul. The agreement calls for Azul to buy and operate Lilium eTVOL planes in a deal valued at $1 billion.

Lilium eTVOL planes to make up new AAM commercial network in Brazil, region

The crux of the accord calls for Azul to purchase, operate, and maintain 220 Lilium eTVOL planes in a new network in which both companies will participate. That structure, whose launch is planned for 2025, calls for Azul to use its traditional airline experience to run the e-flight service, and Lilium to provide aircraft health monitoring platform, new batteries, and custom replacement parts. Munich-based Lilium called the move a big step in its international AAM development, with the Brazilian market boasting over 100 domestic air travelers per year, as well as a huge civilian…