Canadian drone startup wants to join effort to battle fires

Wildfires continue raging across the western regions of the US and Canada – accompanied by reminders from authorities to drone enthusiasts to steer clear of all blazes. But one Canadian company believes it can assist the urgent efforts to extinguish them by doing just the opposite: flying its drones into the heat of the action to battle fires.

Canadian drone startup wants to help battle raging fires

Alberta startup Pegasus Imagery is convinced its tech-packing drones can provide fast and effective data that firefighters need to bring surging fires back under control. For starters, its in-house manufactured craft have been designed to fly up to 10 hours in a single flight, or about triple the time emergency service helicopters can operate before needing to refuel. Meanwhile, radar and infrared sensors aboard Pegasus drones can stream high-definition video – and detailed maps produced virtually in real time ­– back to authorities managing the battles…