BetaFPV ExpressLRS review: High Performance drone Radio Link

BetaFPV ELRS review

Starting with July 2021, BetaFPV introduced a new product line based on LoRa powered ExpressLRS radio communication. Their offer ranges from radio receivers and transmitters to flight controllers. You can opt from 2.4GHz, 915 MHZ, or 868 MHz systems according to your needs and RF local regulations. While 900MHz systems allow longer-range and better penetration (for Bando – flying through buildings), the 2.4GHz frequency is more appropriate for racing and freestyling due to the faster response rate and lower latency. Also, lower frequency devices can have longer talk times and require less power than higher frequency devices. If size matters, 2.4GHz requires smaller antennas than 900Mhz.

ExpressLRS (ELRS) is an open-source RC link for various applications, including drone communications. ELRS supports a wide range of hardware platforms and 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz frequency options. ExpressLRS uses LoRa modulation and reduced packet size to achieve best in…