Well, well. We’ve never seen a listing like this before on Amazon. But sure enough, you can buy a drone-jamming gun on Amazon. And while we believe it would be legal to own, we have significant doubts about your ability to legally use it, at least in many jurisdictions.

We’ve written, frequently, about drone counter-measure devices. While there are indeed options that work by interfering with the Command and Control (C2) link, our understanding is that you can’t just go firing disruptive frequencies around without specific permission.

So while we’ll look at this post, it’s buyer beware.

Drone-jamming gun on Amazon

Yup. You can actually buy a drone-jamming gun on Amazon. The price is $5,800, and here’s the description, direct from the page:

  • Supported frequency band: 1.5g, 2.45.8G 433M/900M/830M/1.3G
  • Effective distance: ≥1500m Standby time: 4-7d
  • Weight: 1.8-3.5kg (host machine + battery) time: ≥1.5-2.5h

So it’s good for nearly a mile –…


Source: dronedj.com