Wingcopter’s New Partnership to Launch Nationwide Medical Drone Delivery Network

Aerial photograph of agricultural fields, and residential area with Barr Lake near Denver, Colorado. Source: Wingcopter

A partnership between German drone manufacturer Wingcopter and air medical service provider Air Methods may soon launch the first drone based, healthcare-specific delivery network across the United States.

Dubbed Spright, the network would battle the lack of immediate or timely access to healthcare resources such as blood, medicines, diagnostics and small medical devices. Air Methods will deploy fleets of Wingcopter’s new flagship delivery drone, the Wingcopter 198, and integrate them into the company’s existing infrastructure of more than 300 bases serving hundreds of hospitals across 48 states in predominantly in rural areas.

“The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated some of the real challenges in our health care system creating an opportunity to find better solutions to extend access to healthcare, especially in rural America,” Air Methods CEO…