Japanese researchers test microwave power of drone flights

Wouldn’t it be great to power an extended drone flight with your microwave? Well forget it, because it’s never going to happen. But researchers have made progress in clinical efforts to use microwave beams to keep a drone temporarily aloft.

Researchers in Japan use microwave beams to power drone flight

That breakthrough in firing microwaves to power drone flight was carried out by researchers at Japan’s University of Tsukuba. The results of their experiment were published in the Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets, and reflected increased transmission efficiency by a factor of 40 over previous efforts. Perhaps somewhat less impressive-sounding was the total 30 seconds the scientists elevated their 400-gram vehicle to an altitude of 800 centimeters. But who ever managed to run a marathon without being able to trot around the block first, right?

Truth be told, the University of Tsukuba researchers were a bit of a lock to outperform their predecessors. Previous testing…