French wine producers use drone to protect vineyard grapes

Tech disruption? More like révolution! Tests currently underway using mildew-battling agents seek legal changes allowing drones to spray wine-producing grapes in France’s cherished vineyards.

Spraying drones protect grapes against mildew in French vineyards

France can be pretty touchy when it comes to messing with traditions rooted in the nation’s history and culture, and that certainly applies to its food and wine. As a result, modification of production methods undergo extensive scrutiny to ensure they don’t somehow alter or undermine their characteristic “Frenchness.” That routinely requires legal changes, since everything in French life is in some way framed within a law somewhere. Which is why the current testing of drones for anti-mildew spraying of grapes in French vineyards is targeting operational and legislative objectives in the same mission.

Though laws regulating agricultural activity have allowed operation of uncrewed aerial vehicle (UAV) in a…