There’s a lot of talk these days about drone delivery. But there’s one kind of delivery that continues to pose a problem: Using a drone to drop contraband into a prison.

We’ve seen this before. And we’ve just seen it again. The latest happened in Canada, and it was apparently a pretty big drop, with a total value estimated by authorities at CAD $296k. Though authorities often are pretty generous with their estimates, it was still a lot of stuff.

Let’s find out more.

Warkworth Institution

That’s where this latest incident happened. Warkworth is a medium-security institution located in southern Ontario, about a two-hour drive east from Toronto. It houses approximately 625 inmates. And, like any prison, there’s always a demand for contraband.

And some people clearly think the best way to satisfy this demand is through drones.

Drone delivery to prison worth nearly CAD $300k

The news came in a release from Correctional Service Canada. It…