Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And that is unfortunately very true these days in the Canadian province of British Columbia, where a huge amount of fires have been raging. Now, Transport Canada has issued a statement reminding drone pilots to stay clear, and follow all the rules so as not to interfere with operations near wildfires.

We get it. Honestly, we can see why someone with a drone might want to put it up in the air and capture a raging wildfire. But there are multiple reasons why this is a really bad idea, which could end with serious charges (and massive fines).

So we’ll start by simply saying: Resist the urge, and keep the drone on the ground.

BC wildfires still raging

There are wildfires every year in British Columbia, but this year has been pretty crazy. The government of BC maintains a wildfire dashboard, which shows – pretty much in real time – what the situation is like in the province. And right now? It’s not good:



Source: dronedj.com