Wildlife enthusiast and photographer Chris Paparo has shot some outstanding footage over the years. But he may have reached his eye-popping peak with a drone video of blacktip sharks feeding amid an enormous pack of Atlantic menhaden off Long Island last month. Yet as visually spectacular as those shots are, Paparo says they’re even more significant in carrying urgent warnings about global warming.

Long Island drone video captures sharks feeding in massive fish school

Paparo took his drone video of the frenzy feeding sharks off Southampton on July 24. In it, the emerald waters of the Atlantic are filled with a dark brownish mass of countless menhaden swimming in a tight, dense school. Within that teeming expanse of fish are what Paparo calls “blacktip and/or spinner sharks” having themselves a nosh-a-thon. The predators are easily identified in the footage as dorsal finned lawnmowers cutting wide paths in the thicket of menhaden. 


Source: dronedj.com