EHang shows incredible capabilities of firefighting drones in new video

As destructive wildfires become more and more commonplace across the globe, the use of drones in firefighting response is also quickly gaining pace. A new fire rescue drill video by Chinese company EHang shows how drones of different capabilities can work in tandem to accelerate firefighting efforts and emergency rescues at high-rise buildings in urban areas.

EHang is a pioneer in passenger-grade drones and urban air mobility solutions. But its product portfolio isn’t limited to air taxis alone. The company was on hand to help the Chinese government with aerial logistics, inspections, and broadcasting missions during the recent COVID-19 Delta variant flare-up. And now, its EH216F drone has passed a rigorous, 10-month-long technical evaluation by China’s national firefighting equipment quality testing agency.

High-rise fire rescue drill shows what firefighting drones can do

The mock drill was conducted in China’s Laixi City, chiefly to showcase what the newly approved…