drones in elementary educationLearn how one teacher approaches using drones in elementary education – to start developing the diverse aerospace workforce of the future.

By DRONELIFE Contributor Dawn M.K. Zoldi

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Meghan Salter, a public school teacher from Huntington, West Virginia (WV), has made it her mission to teach the children well, so they can lead the way in tomorrow’s drone industry. She has incorporated drones in her classrooms in seven of the thirteen years she has spent educating young gifted students in rural Appalachia.

Drones in Elementary Education: STEM and More

First introduced to drones in 2015 by a friend, Salter quickly realized the power they could have in the classroom teaching STEM and other subjects. She reminisced, “It was a new technology. I had no idea what drones even were back then. Most of my students had heard of them but had ever used them. It was really amazing to…


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