Drone video shows successful outcome of gray whale rescue

A drone pilot in Canada recorded uplifting video footage Saturday of officials freeing a young gray whale that had been tangled in fishing nets. The effort to liberate the 26-foot mammal spanned several days up to the moment, which was captured by the hovering drone, that the majestic creature shook off the binds and swam away.

Drone video captures final scenes in long effort to free gray whale

That ultimately happy ending was set up on July 27 when a fishing group reported that the whale had become tangled in their nets and couldn’t be freed. According to the CTV News Vancouver Island affiliate that covered the saga, the whale had broken away from those initial efforts to liberate it with around 60 feet of gill net still wrapped around its hind half. Sunday’s rescue five days later – and after four hours of hard work by rescuers to loosen and cut the knotted mess – was sweet success that wildlife lovers everywhere can savor by viewing the drone video of the…