Jehan-Benjamin Tarain, better known as Jben, has been using the beach as his canvas since 2014. But his masterpieces are as fleeting as the tides, which is why he uses drones to immortalize them. “I was the first beach artist ever to use a drone,” Jben tells DroneDJ. “Other artists used to take pictures from cliffs.”

Born on the southwestern coast of France, the beaches of Charente-Maritime are Jben’s home turf. It’s where you will find him this summer too, since travel right now is restricted. But in the pre-COVID era, Jben’s work has taken him to New York, the Netherlands, England, Portugal, and Morocco too.

Immortalizing fleeting beach art with drone videos

The 39-year-old Frenchman typically starts drawing two hours before the low tide is completely down and spends around four to five hours each on detailed designs.

But it wasn’t always so. Before Jben took on beach art as a full-time…