Storm Chaser Reed Timmer uses drone to video Utah flooding

If there’s a significant storm pretty much anywhere, you can bet Storm Chasers are on the case. One of the best-known is American Reed Timmer, a meteorologist who starred in the Discovery Channel series Storm Chasers. Reed is still chasing, gathering data and video, and experiencing the immense power nature can unleash. His latest posts include drone footage of recent flooding in Utah.

I once had the opportunity, while working at the Toronto Star, to accompany storm chasers on a trip to Tornado Alley in the American Midwest. I spent a week with them, getting up at or before dawn, watching them crack open their laptops, and start predicting – with the help of weather modeling software – where the most likely spots would be for a supercell, immense rotating storms that can spin off a tornado.

And while some people consider storm chasers adrenaline junkies (and there certainly was adrenaline some days), most of them are first and foremost weather experts who love to…