New reports of near-miss incident between a drone and airliner- DroneDJ

Alas, yet another report has come down of a close call between a passenger plane and an illegally operated uncrewed aerial vehicle (UAV) – this time from Scotland. The near-miss incident involved a drone coming within 100 feet of a commercial airliner during its approach to Glasgow’s Paisley Airport – and at night to boot.

Nighttime incident above the 400-feet limit for UAV

The drama in Scottish skies occurred on July 24, but was only reported Thursday by local media. Though the near-miss between the drone and airliner apparently occurred somewhere beyond the 5-kilometer no-fly zone around the airport, the pilot was violating at least two regulations all the same. According to police, the sighting was reported by the airplane’s pilots at 11:50 p.m., hours after Glasgow’s 9:31 p.m. July sunsets. Meantime, the altitude of the approaching plane indicates the drone was in violation of the UK’s maximum 400-feet height limitations.

Scottish police scrambled to the…