DJI’s Agras industrial drone is a workhorse. It’s intended for spraying pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizer, but has been put to other uses as well. During the early months of COVID, some of these units were deployed in China to spray disinfectant. They’ve also been used in anti-malarial programs to kill off mosquito larvae. But feeding fish? That’s a new one.

We’re always fascinated when someone comes up with a new use-case scenario for drones, whether it’s the firefighting drone by EHang we wrote about recently, or the amazing shape-shifting Skygauge machine that can do jobs nearly no other drones can carry out. Point is, we’re always seeing either new drones that can do new things… or people figuring out that existing drones can be put to uses their inventors had likely never considered.

Case in point? Feeding fish.

DJI Agras feeding fish

Let’s imagine you have a huge fish farm. Further imagine that you’re raising Koi, those gentle fish that are…