Altitude Angel represent UK altitude angel just reporting incident system

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

The government of the United Kingdom has chosen Altitude Angel as a representative of the nation at the upcoming World of Drones & Robotics Congress.

The World of Drones & Robotics Congress, formerly The World Drone Congress, is in its fifth year, and for the first time will expand the scope of the event to include the robotics field as well.  The Congress is set to take place August 18th through 19th of 2021 in Brisbane, Australia. The World of Drones & Robotics Congress (WoDaRC) is the largest drone and robotics applications congress in the Asia Pacific region, bringing together drones, robotics, and autonomous systems’ business representatives, pilots, manufacturers, developers, and academics, both domestic and international. Those in attendance are given the opportunity to connect, collaborate and co-create with one another.

As one of the ten businesses selected to represent the United Kingdoms, Altitude Angel will have a reserved…