11-year-old launches drone photography and video company- DroneDJ

Canadian entrepreneur Nation North is only 11 years old, but don’t insult his intelligence or business ambitions with suggestions that he wash cars or run a lemonade stand to get started. Ontario’s next tycoon has already raised his own seed funding and launched a savvy promotion to generate clients for his new drone photography and video company.

Canada’s newest drone photography and video entrepreneur

A resident of Sudbury, about 240 miles north of Toronto, the youthful North clearly has no time to waste in making his Sky Nation Productions drone company the first of many flourishing activities. According to an inspiring article on local news site, North carefully established his business plan last year before raising financing with his own two hands, then shoring up all the administrative requirements to launch a drone enterprise. With that tied up, the budding founder and CEO has now devised a contest designed to attract entrants likely to become…