Volocopter, Skyports in Malaysia eVTOL air taxi partnership- DroneDJ

Aircraft platform operator Malaysia Airports has announced its link-up with urban air mobility (UAM) heavyweights Volocopter and Skyports to organize and develop infrastructure and services for the country’s future electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) air taxi activities.

Volocopter and Skyports assist Malaysia’s eVTOL air taxi development

Under the trio’s memorandum of understanding, Skyports and Volocopter will put their respective experience in vertiport infrastructure design and construction, and air taxi craft manufacturing to work for Malaysia Airports’ drive to launch UAM services. The initial chapter in that collaboration will produce a feasibility study identifying suitable vertiport locations and operational areas of eVTOL craft in Malaysia. Principal criteria in selecting those sites include likely client demand, passenger flows, and the feasibility of integrating new air taxi and medium-haul AAM operations into existing facilities.