A new image of the sharply designed ZeroZero Robotics V-Coptr Falcon has shown up online. This is a drone many consumers have been waiting to see, with its unusual configuration.

We wrote about this product just the other day. The basics of that story? After a long delay, there are signals the product is finally about to drop. And with its 50-minute flight time and truly wild design, a lot of people are just itching to try out this drone.

And that includes us.

A long time coming

The unique design features two motors in a “V” configuration. Each motor is capable of tilting, both through pilot inputs, and also, presumably, with ongoing micro-adjustments being sent from the flight controller. And that makes it a rare bird in a universe vastly dominated by the standard quadcopter design.

Here’s the original product announcement, made way back in December 2019:


I recall the company was offering…


Source: dronedj.com