Help wanted signs are popping up everywhere, many offering $1,000 or more in signing bonuses. Restaurants and stores are limiting hours and posting signs about long wait times. Earlier this spring, the U.S. Labor Department reported 9.3 million job openings, an all-time record.

The worker shortage is affecting the service industry more than most other sectors right now, but construction companies are no strangers to the challenges presented by a tight job market. What can we learn from what’s happening today? Here are five suggestions for dealing with a labor shortage.

  1. Expand your criteria. Your ideal operator may be a seasoned pro with 15 years of experience across a variety of machine types, but is that really realistic right now? Be open to candidates with less experience who show a willingness to learn on the job. (Here are five skills to consider that aren’t time behind the controls.) The investment you make in training them now could pay off later.
  2. Look in-house….