Police in Poland use drones to bust drivers violating traffic laws

Motorists around the world have been forced to adapt their ill-advised bending of rules of the road to the spreading presence of tech’s cop proxies – whether cameras capturing red light burners, or fixed radar boxes photographing the plates of speeding cars. Drones have also been added to that police enforcement mix, as law-breaking drivers in Poland have now painfully discovered.

Video from police drones in Poland adds insult to busted driver injury

If handing out fistfuls of moving violations with the help of drones wasn’t bad enough, police in Poland recently uploaded a YouTube video of drivers ratted out by the craft being pulled over to boot. In it, a drone was positioned over a stretch of road whose solid dividing lines clearly prohibit passing. Any such illegal act of impatience was viewed on the controller by cops tucked behind trees a bit farther on. As errant motorists approached, officers in high-viz vests high-tailed from their hiding spot to flag the…