Joby claims eVTOL test flight longest on single battery charge

Electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicle company Joby Aero announced it has passed an impressive milestone in the continuing development of advanced air mobility. California-based Joby says a prototype of its eVTOL craft traveled over 150 miles on a single battery charge – a flight it claims to be the longest of its kind.

eVTOL marathon flight claims record for a single battery charge

Joby revealed the July 21 flight on Tuesday, reporting the full-sized prototype of its eVTOL vehicle had flown a total of 154.6 miles on a single battery charge. The test was conducted at the company’s Big Sur, California, flight base. It used a predesignated aerial circuit the craft flew 11 times in an hour and 17 minutes. No details were given on payload weight, or whether the craft’s batteries – lithium ion units with an 811 nickel-manganese-cobalt cathode and a graphite anode selected for the trial – were entirely spent or retained a charge after landing.