Drone deliveries can save time, money, and even – as Zipline has proven repeatedly – save lives. Now, FlytBase, a drone automation platform, has announced the imminent launch of FlytZip, an on-demand, last-mile drone delivery software platform.

The drone industry is undergoing a rapid metamorphosis on multiple fronts at the moment. We’re seeing the rise of autonomous drones, drone-in-a-box solutions for BVLOS inspections from companies like Percepto and Skydio, and of course, drone deliveries.

Let’s see what FlytBase is up to.

Drone deliveries

We received a news release from FlytBase, announcing what it says is big news. Here’s the headline: “FlytBase introduces world’s first software platform to enable drone deliveries.”

At first glance, our reaction might be: “Well, there are multiple options for fleet management and mission planning… what’s so different about this?”

The release explains why FlytBase is excited.


That’s the name of the new…


Source: dronedj.com