A student prepares for drone soccer

Source U.S. Drone Soccer

A high school organization in Colorado is on the cutting edge of the newest sporting venue – drone soccer.

That’s right. Drone. Soccer.

With so many aerospace and defense companies, it’s no surprise that Colorado Springs is flying high with the latest cousin of Harry Potter’s high-flying Quidditch.

On July 31, the first-ever drone soccer tournament will kick off at the Rocky Mountain State Games (RMSG), Colorado’s largest multi-sport festival for athletes of all ages and athletic abilities.

What is drone soccer? Read on.

According to U.S. Drone Soccer, the sport is “a thrilling indoor team sport played with remote controlled hobby quadcopters that are safely enclosed in protective plastic spheres.”

“One drone on each team is designated as a Striker that can score points by flying through the opposing goal. All other drones are defending or blocking by intentionally colliding with the opposing team. The standard playing area can fit inside…


Source: dronelife.com