Watch astonishing video of Siberian falcon attacking a drone at 2,300 feet

There are several remarkable aspects to a film captured by amateur uncrewed aerial vehicle (UAV) pilot Ilya Bardysh  – for starters, its dizzying flight altitude of 3,200 feet. But the most arresting of all those is the clear video the drone took as a Saker falcon swooped in and attacked the craft right out of the sky.

Video captures falcon’s attack of drone far above Siberia

Bardysh, 32, was flying the vehicle among the clouds over Siberia’s Kamchatka peninsula when the falcon appeared in the distance, then swooped in to attack the drone head on. The camera captures the bird of prey swirling down, then jacking up vertically to reach out and grab the craft in its talons. After initially destabilizing the falling UAV, the falcon circles back and grabs it again, bringing it almost all the way to the ground before dropping it. Then the meat-eating hunter pecks at the drone for a sample, and eventually flies off after the discovery that it offers a particularly…