Elsight’s Halo Integrated into Drones NAAMA Hadera

Elsight Limited (ASX: ELS) has announced that Elsight’s Halo was integrated into drones participating in the NAAMA Hadera Initiative, a global collaboration that demonstrated the reality of urban drone delivery.  (Don’t miss the incredible video embedded below about the NAAMA Hadera Intitiative!)

The NAAMA Hadera Initiative was an amazing demonstration of parcel drone delivery, beyond line of sight (BVLOS) and in a crowded urban environment.  With global UTM and drone industry players watching, the collaborative performed more than 4, 000 drone delivery flights.   All of the flights were safe and successful – and “all participating BVLOS drone companies elected to equip their drones with Elsight’s Halo on board (which is now considered the new industry standard for drone connectivity),” says the announcement.

Elsight’s Halo provides the secure and robust connectivity between drone and control needed to ensure that remote pilots always have control of their…