Edit Johnny FPV’s Porsche drone footage for free Finland trip

Remember Porsche’s thrilling campaign video for the Taycan Cross Turismo that was shot by Johnny FPV? While you and I may have found the film absolutely spectacular, the carmaker thinks its Drive2Extremes campaign can go up a notch. And it is willing to wager a $20,000-worth one-week-long, all-expenses-paid trip to the Porsche Ice Experience in Levi, Finland, for that.

Are you an editor or content creator?

Yes? Then, you’re in for a treat with Create2Extremes Challenge! You get to access over 200GB of video footage shot by the incredible Johnny FPV (born Johnny Schaer). And there are 20 songs to choose from. Let your imagination run wild. Be creative. Be bold. And edit your own version of Drive2Extremes. Edits can be as long as you like, and transitions can be cut however you want.

Once you’re satisfied, post your work on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag “#Create2Extremes”. And that’s it. Then it’s over to the jury to select the winner who will have…