Drone rescue group saves lost dog on Welsh mountain

There are very few things drones can do that are more satisfying than what a team of pilots accomplished in Wales over the weekend: use the craft to find and rescue a lost dog stuck in a dangerous situation.

Drones scramble in search of missing Wales sheepdog

The operation began on Sunday in the mountainous Snowdonia area of northern Wales, when a Border Collie named Bess went missing after returning a herd of sheep down the Glyder Fawr peak. Local farmer John Griffith says Bess circled back up the incline last Wednesday in search of any possible strays left behind, and failed to return or respond to calls. As the week drew to an end without any sign, Griffith figured Bess had gotten lost or trapped somewhere, and turned to the North Wales chapter of the Drones Search and Rescue for Lost Dogs organization. On Sunday, several hours after starting their mission, the group had located and recovered the wounded Bess – but not without a bit of requisite drama before the…