Partners provide enhanced drone video feeds in emergencies

Emergency response solutions specialist Carbyne has teamed up with visual augmentation firm Edgybees to offer enhanced, real-time imagery during calamities. The service is designed to enrich live videos from drones and provide crisis managers with better, fuller information about developing emergencies their responders will be encountering.

Combining tech strengths in emergencies with enriched drone video

Carbyne continues developing its live, unified emergency reaction platform linking first responders, reporting witnesses, call centers, and public officials. As part of that, it is partnering with Edgybees, whose technology visually augments data in live drone video feeds from emergencies. Their goal is to both shorten the time between first alerts being sounded and the moment responders arrive, and provide crisis managers complete and enriched data to ensure they adopt the most efficient plans of action. 

In addition to live drone videos, tagging, mapping, and other…