As drones fill the skies so too do videos of their antics. If shows like You’ve Been Framed have taught us anything it’s that seeing expensive things get destroyed is funny.

So seeing pricey drones getting plucked out of the air by not-so-natural predators is, as you’d imagine, great entertainment.

We’ve compiled the best drone takedown videos we’ve ever seen. From bird attacks to fishing hooks, these are some unique ways to lose a flying toy.


Eagle drone takedown

The eagle is well known as the alpha of the skies. There are very few birds that are safe flying near an eagle, and now drones have joined that endangered list.

This drone was taken out by a wedge-tailed eagle in Australia.

Chimpanzee drone takedown

This clever chimp was able to use the wonders of his opposable thumbs to wield a branch and takedown a prying drone. This happened at Burgers’ Zoo in The Netherlands where the inquisitive fellow appears to investigate…