Drones spy on quarantining rugby stars, families in Australia

Australia’s drama-charged National Rugby League (NRL) cannot seem to catch a break. With Sydney’s latest COVID-19 outbreak spiraling, hundreds of NRL players and their families have been forced to relocate to Queensland mid-season. But since then, there have been multiple reports of COVID-19 bubble breaches, which have put the game’s future at risk. The latest scandalous development comes in the form of drones being deployed as creepy, electronic Peeping Toms to keep the players and their families in check.

According to Australia’s largest locally owned media company, Nine, drones are spying on NRL players and their partners. The crackdown comes after footage emerged last week in which families could be seen passing items to each other through their hotel balconies in complete defiance of bio-secure bubble restrictions.

Nine quotes a player’s quarantined wife who declined to be named for fear of repercussions against her husband:

I was changing my baby’s nappy…