It’s been a long time coming. But it appears the ZeroZero Robotics V-Copter Falcon drone – which offers a highly unusual design and impressive flight time – is ready to ship to customers.

When China’s ZeroZero Robotics first announced its V-Coptr Falcon drone, it raised a lot of eyebrows – and a lot of pre-orders. The design was unlike any other drone in the consumer or commercial space, and it promised an unreal 50-minute flight time. For a multi-rotor, that’s incredible.

And now, finally, it seems the product is getting ready to ship.

V-Coptr Falcon

If you haven’t seen the design before – and even if you did, but could use a refresher – here’s the video ZeroZero Robotics posted when it first announced the product. It’s an eye-catcher:

Of course, we wrote about it at the time. But that was back in December of 2019 – so this has been a long time coming.


The company followed up,…