Drones equipped with cameras are now spying on players partners in the latest development in the hardships faced by the WAGS in quarantine in Queensland.

Less than 24 hours after officials demanded that the families’ balcony doors are gaffer taped shut, depriving them of fresh air, the drones have been brought in.

“I couldn’t believe it,” one of the WAGS told me. “I was changing my baby’s nappy and looked outside the window and there was a drone spying on me.

“I can only guess the Queensland government sent them up trying to catch us out.

“I understand we have to do the right thing but this is just over the top – the situation we are in has become a nightmare.

“There is rotting, smelly rubbish in the hotel hallways, staff are taking photos of us in the lunch room looking for breaches, the food is awful, some of the mums are at breaking point.

“We have ordered our own food and some of it has been stolen from the hotel…


Source: wwos.nine.com.au