You have to see this. Seriously: You have to see this FPV video taken at a swimming pool – as competitive swimmers take on a 400M freestyle relay race.

We’ve seen amazing First-Person-View flights before: The viral Bowling Alley video comes to mind, as well as lot of volcano videos from Iceland. But we have yet to see anything quite like this: A superbly shot video at a swimming pool, done by a real pro.

The pilot’s name is Will Strathmann…and the guy’s got serious chops.

The man behind the sticks on the FPV swimming pool video

The post first caught our attention on Facebook, and we just had to find out more about Will Strathmann. Luckily, he has a website that filled us in on his background. It’s impressive. This is from Will’s site:

Will Strathmann is a Denver, Colorado based filmmaker, video editor, and commercially licensed FPV drone operator.  His experience spans from solo, run-and-gun documentary shooting to working as a camera operator and 1st AC in…