Textron lawsuit for patent violations against DJI

The problem with being a world leader in any activity means everyone else on the planet will be working hard to take you down. Just ask China’s drone giant DJI, which has now been hit with a US lawsuit for patent violations in addition to other recent challenges it has had to battle.

Alleged patent infraction in DJI drone, camera tech

Filed Monday with the US District Court for the Western District of Texas in Waco, the lawsuit charges DJI with five different technology patent violations in its drone products. The litigation was brought by Cessna airplane manufacturer Textron Innovations Inc. on behalf of its Bell Textron subsidiary, which specializes in helicopter development and production. It cites SZ DJI Technology Co., Ltd., DJI Europe B.V. and DJI Technology, Inc. as defendants.

Not much detail within the suit is thus far available (Drone DJ is working on obtaining the filing). But brief reports on the case indicate the alleged infringements involve…