Kenya to use drones against longtime malaria problem

Despite the advent and surge of the COVID-19 virus commanding most of the world’s medical attention, pre-pandemic threats to life and health around the globe remain as active and dangerous as ever. In addressing one of those, Kenya has said it will begin using drones in its long and ongoing battle against malaria.

Kenya to deploy drones against the formidable malaria scourge

Kenya announced its embrace of drones in that fight during its national Malaria Action Day Thursday. Sensor-equipped uncrewed aerial vehicles will be used to identify and photograph mosquito breeding sites, particularly those in remote areas or otherwise difficult to access. Data from that imagery will be tapped to create maps for return flights to spray the areas. The effort seeks to reduce the number of malaria-carrying mosquitos by preventing the insects from ever taking flight.

“We are focused on larviciding so that we kill the mosquitoes before they breed,” Kenyan Health Cabinet Secretary…