Photo of HGLRC Veyron30CR and Veyron25CR

Following the great success of the Veyron3, HGLRC brings on the market two upgraded versions named Veyron30CR and Veyron25CR. While the 30CR has a wheelbase of 120mm and 2.5″ propellers, the bigger 30CR has a 140mm wheelbase and 3″ prollers. For improved impact resistance, the corners of the duct protectors are foam-padded. Both size options are available in 3 colors. According to your budget, you can opt for analog or digital FPV.

HGLRC equips their VeyronCR HD drones with the latest Caddx Polar camera, which is the first starlight digital camera. The larger Veyron 30CR HD has a Caddx Air Unit onboard. By default, the digital edition is compatible with the DJI FPV transmitter.

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The analog Veyron 25CR and 30CR have a Caddx Ratel 2 camera and a Zeus Nano VTX with up to 350 mW broadcast power.

HGLRC Veyron30CR & 25CR features

  • Carbon fiber frame with Whoop EVA duct protectors;
  • Two size options…